Festive Lawn '24 By Qalamkar PS-07 Hamna
Shirt Digital Printed Embroidered  (Front Center Panel) Laser Cut Embroidered Side Panels (Left & Right) Digital Printed Embroidered Front Side Motifs Schiffli Lace (Front & Sleeves)  Schiffli Border (Front & Sleeves)  Plain Back Embroidered Sleeves  Embroidered Sleeves Motifs x2 Dupatta...
from Rs. 16,490
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Festive Lawn '24 By Qalamkar PS-09 Farva
Shirt Laser Cut Embroidered Center Panel Digital Printed Embroidered Side Panels ,(Back & Sleeves)  Embroidered Patch (Front Side Panel) Embroidered Lace (Front Side Panel) Schiffli Lace  (Front) Schiffli Lace (Front & Sleeves)  Embroidered Border (Sleeves)  Dupatta Block Printed Embellished  Dupatta...
from Rs. 15,490
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Chikankari Eid Edit Unstitched Collection '24 By Qalamkar KM-01 NIAMH
Shirt Chikan kari Embroidered Center Panel Chikan kari Embroidered Side Panels (Left & Right) Chikan kari Patch  (Center Panel) Schiffli Lace (Front ,Back & Sleeves) Chikan kari Border  (Front & Back) Plain Back Chikan kari Embroidered Sleeves Chikan kari Embroidered...
from Rs. 16,190
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Dilnaz Wedding Formals Collection '23 By Qalamkar DN-04 - KANZA
Shirt  Embroidered  Front & Back kalli Fabric Gotta Embroidered  Motifs (kalli x14)  Embroidered  Neckline Motifs  Embroidered  Lace  (Front)  Embroidered  Lace (Front) (Hand Made)  Embroidered  Lace (Back)   Gotta Embroidered Neckline  (Back)   Embroidered  Sleeves (Hand Made)  Gotta Embroidered Lace  (kalli)  Gotta Embroidered...
Rs. 27,990
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Dilnaz Wedding Formals Collection '23 By Qalamkar DN-03 - ZAINA
Shirt  Gotta Embroidered  Center Panel Hand Made  Gotta Embroidered  Neckline Hand Made  Gotta Embroidered  Side Panel Left & Right (Hand Made)  Embroidered Neckline Lace (Front) Embroidered  Border (Front) Hand Made  Gotta Embroidered  Ban Patti  Gotta Embroidered Patch (Back) Gotta Embroidered...
Rs. 28,990
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Luxury Winter Collection '23 By Qalamkar Fallon
ShirtEmbroidered Center PanelPlain fabric (Side Panels) Embroidered BackEmbroidered Sleeves Embroidered Border Patch (Front) Embroidered Border (Back) Embroidered Border (Sleeves)DupattaPlain Fabric Shawl Embroidered Long Side Lace (Dupatta) Embroidered Dupatta PalluTrouserPlain TrouserFabric DetailsShirt-Peach Leather Dupatta karandi ShawlTrouser Peach Leather
Rs. 13,990
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Luxury Winter Collection '23 By Qalamkar Freya
ShirtEmbroidered Front Center PanelEmbroidered Front Side Panels (Left & Right) Embroidered (Back & Sleeves)Embroidered Neckline (Back)Embroidered Border (Front & Back)Embroidered Daman Patch (Front)Embroidered Border (Sleeves)Embroidered Patch (Sleeves)DupattaJacquard Weaved ShawlTrouserPlain TrouserFabric DetailsShirt-Peach LeatherDupatta Weaved Karandi Shawl Trouser Peach Leather
Rs. 13,490
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Qline Linen Collection '23 By Qalamkar AURORA
ShirtEmbroidered Front Center Panel Embroidered Front side Panels Left &Right Embroidered Border (Front) Embroidered Neckline Patch (Front)Schiffli Embroidered Lace(Front & Back) Embroidered Border (Back)Plain BackEmbroidered Patch (Sleeves) Embroidered SleevesDupattaPlain Fabric (Shawl) Embroidered Four Sided LaceTrouserPlain TrouserFabric DetailsShirt: Linen Dupatta Karandi...
Rs. 9,490
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Qline Linen Collection '23 By Qalamkar HAVEN
ShirtEmbroidered Center Panel Embroidered Panels Left & Right Chikankari Embroidered Border Embroidered Neckline (Back)-(Front & Back)Plain BackEmbroidered SleevesDupattaJacquard WeavedEmbroidered Four Sided LaceTrouserPlain TrouserFabric DetailsShirt :-LinenDupatta:-Jacquard Weaved Trouser :- Linen
Rs. 9,290
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Heer Ranjha Luxury Formals Collection '23 By Qalamkar HR-02 MEHRUNNISA
ShirtGotta Embroidered Fabric kalli (Front & Back)Gotta Embroidered Fabric kalli (Front & Back)Embroidered Front Neckline (Hand Made)Gotta Embroidered Border (Front) (Hand Made)Embroidered Lace (Neckline & Front Center) (Hand Made)Gotta Embroidered Lace (kalli)Gotta Embroidered Neckline (Back)Gotta Embroidered Border (Back)Gotta Embroidered Sleeves...
Rs. 28,990
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