Mehr-o-Maah Unstitched Collection '24 By Maryum N Maria MW23-534-Nane
Shirt:Embroidered Front, Back Left Kali (Organza) 10PcsEmbroidered Front, Back,Right Kali (Organza) 10PcsEmbroidered Handmade Body (Organza) 1PcEmbroidered Back Body (Organza) 1PcEmbroidered Sleeves (Organza) 1PcEmbroidered Inner Patti Patch (Organza) 7.30YrdsDupatta:Embroidered Dupatta (Net) With Pallu Patti Patch (Net) 3YrdsTrouser:Dyed Inner (Grip) 5.5Yrds Color:Peach
from Rs. 36,900
  • Peach
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Mehr-o-Maah Unstitched Collection '24 By Maryum N Maria MW23-536-Anippe
Shirt:Embroidered Front, Back Left Kali-A (Organza) 5PcsEmbroidered Front, Back Right Kali-A (Organza) 5PcsEmbroidered Front, Back Left Kali-B (Organza) 5PcsEmbroidered Front, Back Right Kali-B (Organza) 5PcsEmbroidered Handmade Front Body (Organza) 1PcEmbroidered Hnadmade Sleeves (Organza) 1PcEmbroidered Front,Back Daman (Organza) 7.70YrdsDupatta:Embroidered Dupatta (Net)...
from Rs. 39,900
  • Ocean Blue
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